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The P&P Group defines itself as being an Investment Developer.

Our main aim is to identify, develop and market projects which offer a sustainable value increase. We can reach this by using our specialized know-how and an excellent network which we were able to build over the years.

Besides the traditional project developments we are focused on Value Added and Core/Core Plus Investments.

Value Add

Our Focus when it comes to the Value Add strategies  [...] 

is mainly placed to achieve significantly value adding measures in properties that have been tremendously undervalued. The aim hereby is to reposition ourselves on the market by revitalizing or by extending the capacity of the properties. This is the main reason the P&P Group focuses on projects which have a high potential for optimization.


Within our Core and Core Plus Investments we concentrate on long-term [...] 

investments with in high value real estate properties with stable cash-flows in established markets. A strong demand for sale and rent, tenants with clear credit records and long-term rental contracts are the key success factors of these projects. The P&P Group invests within this segment mainly in real estate properties with stable values in market-leading locations all over the south of Germany, Hesse and Berlin.

Project Management

The P&P Group has more than 20 years of knowledge [...] 

and expertise within the area of project development. The market focused valorization of real estate properties is the main focus and this is achieved by innovative project ideas with excellent location- and development potentials. By applying this investment principle we are able to extract the full potential of a property and in the end the properties are full of character. And these are the base of all our success and company vision.

In 2011 together with his Wife Annette, Michael Peter founded the charity “Vita” in order to support children in need from the region. Additional information concerning the charity “Vita” can be found on their website.



In 1995 Michael Peter built the foundation for today’s company by rehabilitating a single family house.



In total 60 employees work in our offices in Fürth and Munich.



Our company portfolio comprises a total of 65 fully rented properties at various attractive locations all over Bavaria.



The company’s construction portfolio is round about 50 Million € annually.



In 2015 we were able to achieve a sales volume of 161 Million €.



Since the establishment of the business branch “Micro-Apartments” in 2009 a total of approximately 2.200 units was developed.



Since the company foundation we were able to develop more than 5000 housing- and commercial property units.



Since the first days P&P realized over 450.000sqm in living space.



Since its foundation P&P was able to achieve a total sales volume of more than 1 Billion €.

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Address: Isaak-Loewi-Straße 11, 90763 Fürth

Phone: +49 (0) 911 76 60 61-0

Email: info[at]pp-gruppe[dot]de

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