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Experienced project managers, excellent location know-how and short decision making processes are our expertise.

In order to evaluate a real estate investment from a comprising perspective and ensure the necessary due diligence it is necessary to take all individual parts into account. Our key success factor is to balance the different needs and wants of all stakeholders in the process.

Legal, economical, architectual, qualitative and more over sustainably successful requirements need to be fulfilled. We can ensure the fulfillment of all of the above without any external companies.

With regard to our entrepreneurial freedom we only aim for company goals that comply with the original vision of Asset- and Propertymanagement.

If wished for we will accompany the whole value chain of a real estate property from the first idea and the execution over to the distribution and the sustainable property management.

Hereby we can use the following key success factors:

  • Experienced project managers
  • Excellent location know-how
  • Short decision making processes of a privately owned company

With high quality new development projects,revitalizations, single objects or whole housing solutions we were able to build our special competencies that ensures our excellent position in the market.

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Address: Isaak-Loewi-Straße 11, 90763 Fuerth

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