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Our aim is to build a generation comprising company group that acts out of its own regardless of economical imbalances. Our mission is the revitalization of housing- and commercial properties as well as the development of quarters and projects in Germany.

Company values


Flexibility and openmindedness in the heads of our employees and in the structures:[...] 

New company impulses, new project ideas or the formation of new business areas – we are always open for change which enables us to perform better. We are constantly evolving in order to guarantee we keep on striving for excellence.

Future oriented

We are always thinking outside of the box. That is the only way to uncover [...] 

and develop potentials. Without saying, this is valid for both our real estate properties as well as our company strategy. When it comes to our properties we place a high importance on value increase potentials as well as development potentials. For our strategy we analyze future shaping trends and focus on business areas with a lot of potential for the future.


We are not building average homes – we are building properties with character. [...] 

This mindset and dedication not only shapes our perception on the market but also our company culture. Dedication and own initiative are important to us, new ideas and impulses are always welcome and highly valued.


Sustainability is an important factor in all of our projects and our company mission.[...] 

We revitalize existing resources and build a company that is ready for the future and all its challenges. With our charity organization “Vita” we support the coming generation and help to build a brighter tomorrow for them.


In 1995 Michael Peter in cooperation with the Peter and Partner Co. founded the P&P Group in Fürth. Having a lot of experience in project steering and coordination in all over Germany, he knows about the high need for renovations and revitalizations in East Germany and distinguishes himself in the early years in the renovation- and monument preservation area. During that time he managed to revitalize more than 200 properties.

2002 the company returns to the metropolregion Nuremberg and relocates its headquarters to Fürth. In the following years the P&P group establishes itself in the region by completing prestigious project developments. Major projects in this time include: revitalizing the American conversion areas, the development of the Carrera plant, the previous Fürther Building Authority, the City Museum and the previous Quelle properties.

The P&P Group is further developing its business areas and transform into a real estate company comprising all major steps of the value chain. Starting from 2008 the company is also operating in the area of new constructions and realizes various projects in this area within the Metropolregion. The Asset-and Propertymanagment from then on takes care of the real estate objects of the companies. With the development of the first Microapartments P&P enters another major business area: compact, fully furnished flats as the solution for the rising demand for single- and business households and short term leases. By founding the affiliate P&P Investment, the company strengthens its activities in the investment area. By that time the P&P Group is one of the region’s leading real estate companies.

The group is still operating a lot in the area of Microapartments. Additionally P&P added another affiliate “LikeApart” which mainly operates in the area of serviced apartments and provides some significant value added to the company portfolio. The portfolio of the company is improved by adding different investments all across Germany and with the opening of the Munich office, the presence of P&P in the south of Bavaria is heavily increased. Real Estate developments and investments by now are the major contributions to the profit and became two of the pillars of the operation. Currently P&P employs around 60 employees in Fürth and Munich.

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Address: Isaak-Loewi-Straße 11, 90763 Fürth

Phone: +49 (0) 911 76 60 61-0

Email: info[at]pp-gruppe[dot]de

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